So by this point, the title has probably already given away what this post is about: I've decided to quit blogging. I've had a tough couple of months battling with conflicting emotions about what I want to do with my life and what makes my happy and I've come to terms with the fact that I just aren't enjoying this blog like I used to.
I have had a love-hate relationship with blogging in the past already, as I have had breaks where I've felt like it was becoming something I had to do rather than something I was wanting to do but now, it feels like a very conclusive decision of not wanting to do it anymore. It's odd as some days I do get really motivated to blog and I do enjoy writing the occasional post when I do them for my job (which I may still have to in the future) but, I've lost my passion for THIS blog. I still love clothes and beauty products and I definitely won't be shying away from retail therapy, but right now, I don't want to keep writing about it.
Basically, I have realised that life is too short to be tied into things you don't enjoy. I have enjoyed blogging in the past and maybe I will want to do it again in the future, but right now, I have to focus on being happy and doing things that help that, rather than trying to people please like I normally do. Starting this blog is something I don't regret as it has helped me meet some amazing people and connected me with great brands that I wouldn't have been able to work with without it. It has given me more confidence in myself as a writer, photographer and in my appearance from the thousands of lovely comments I have had on here and my social media channels since starting and that is something I will always hold onto. I will still be keeping up with a very 'blogger friendly' Instagram, so if you want to keep up with my style and recent purchases, you can do there: @beckieione.
Thank you to everyone who has supported me and my blog over these past (almost) 2 years.
Beckie x

BEAUTY// Trying out Arbonne*

I've heard a lot about the Arbonne brand as it's now one of the biggest beauty businesses worldwide with the 'be your own boss' principles. When the lovely Michelle (one of the East Yorkshire senior representatives) asked if I wanted to try some of their products to review, I thought I'd give it a go. I'm not the best with trying out new skincare products, as my skin is very sensitive and particular, so normally once I find something good for it, I stick to it, but this is such a talked about brand, it seemed worth trying. Michelle kindly sent me a whole box of full size products and samples which I haven't reviewed in full as, unfortunately the face make up products (despite being the palest shade) where too dark for my ghostly skin, nightmare!
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EVENT// Hull Bloggers Lunch

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to be invited along to the latest Hull Bloggers meet up; this time it was a little more low key, in the form of a lunch at Al Porto on Hull's marina. It is actually were we had our summer meet up too so it was nice to go back again. The meet up was full of my faves but also a good opportunity to meet some new faces too; thanks for getting the icebreakers going Jenny!
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BEAUTY// The Fragrance Shop App and Discovery Box review*

Something a little bit different for today's post! I was contacted last week by The Fragrance Shop to ask if I would like to review their new app and Discovery Club service. After reading a little bit about these, I decided why the hell not; I'm always wanting to find new ways to try and buy products. 
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BEAUTY// Healthy skin with Viridian*

(Very rare make up free skin is pretty much spot free and my skin has started to feel smoother and more even in tone, although not quite there yet.)
Viridian are not a new brand to this blog. After being impressed with their multivitamin supplements and liquid iron, they kindly asked if I wanted to review some other products from their range. As I've been suffering from bad skin breakouts recently from hormone imbalance, I was sent some products that are particularly useful for skin.
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EVENT// Saira Shoes Blogger Event

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a blogger event that I had actually been a part of organising with my current PR firm. It was the first blogger event for Manchester brand Saira Shoes, a unique flat shoe company with most of the products manufactured in Britain. It was kind of strange being a guest (as a blogger), but also part of the team helping to run the event; a very cool experience!
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OOTD// Edgy Monochrome

Back to my monochrome habits with this outfit post. I must say, it was ridiculously windy so most of the shots we took had my hair all over my face or my eyes streaming, but thankfully in between gusts we managed to capture the outfit a little bit.
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OOTD// On Wednesdays we wear pink

A nice Mean Girls quote as today's outfit post title. After a very successful recent shopping splurge, pale pink and rose gold accessories have become my new go to...
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HAUL// Missguided and Boohoo Night

Today's post is an eveningwear/night out clothing haul. I always love Missguided and Boohoo, but their range of clothing for nights out is amazing and always my go to sites for last minute options. Here's everything that I bought! (This haul has been needing to be published for ages so apologies if things are now out of stock, oops!)
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I was lucky enough to recently receive this beautiful rose gold necklace from jewellery store Joshua James, based in my hometown. Joshua James have a large range of jewellery from big brands such as Thomas Sabo and Swarovski, as well as also having their own collection, which this piece is from.
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